Monday, July 17, 2006

New KAL - Knucks!

What shall I have on my knuckles? CJI Hawk? Dob Arah? Back Off? Or perhaps one of each? Yeppers, this will be fun! Here is the pattern for theKnuck!

I'm gathering my materials to head off into the camper with me so that I can work on my first pair while I'm camped at the county fair with my family. The kids have animals in 4H so we get to go live by the barns in order to take care of their steers. Now I have something fun and portable to take with me!

I have a pair of mittens I am entering in the fair, but those were knit from the cuff up...I've never done gloves. These will even feel as if I am knitting in reverse. I can hardly wait!

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